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London Walking Tour

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My name is Grant. I am a qualified London Tour Guide. Like all London tour guides I am passionate about my City.


Before I was a tour guide, I was a police officer in London’s Metropolitan Police. I was a detective for most of my service working in Central London. Serving on Scotland Yard’s world-famous homicide department. And why is it called Scotland Yard? Well, this is where the Scottish Kings would stay on their visits to London many centuries ago. One of the Metropolitan police’s first headquarters was in Scotland Yard!

I offer a diverse range of tours. From my Freddie Mercury and Queen tour to a historical London pub tour where I will show you Roman ruins and World war Two bomb damage.


Private Tours. I also offer private tours for small groups, families or businesses on a team building day. These can range from 2 to six hours. 


Highlights Tours: I also offer Highlights tours where I will show you many of London famous landmarks and share many of her secrets and traditions. These tours can also be booked for two to six hours.

All my tours are walking tours. We may occasionally jump on a tube, but I will let you know if a ticket is required in advance.

If you have time we will most probably end our tour in one of London’s famous pubs for a little light refreshment!  

About Me
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Tales from Two Cities. From the City of London to the City of Westminster

Freddie Mercury and Queen

London Walking Tour

Belgravia Walking Tour:

Pubs, Ghosts and Oligarchs

The Beatles:

London Walking Tour

The Blitz: London Under Attack. From the Zepplins to the Luftwaffe


Rock and Roll London:

The Walking Tour

London Highlights Tour


"Brilliant day! Amazing value for money"

Sarah, Manchester

Tripadvisor review: Freddie Mercury and Queen. The London tour

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