The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour.
And the tragic lives of his victims

Meeting point: Outside Whitechapel tube station

277 Whitechapel Road, Shadwell, London E1 1BY. 

District Hammersmith and City Line

Over 130 years have now passed since the serial killer known throughout the world as Jack the Ripper committed his last murder. More books, films and theories have been made about the suspect than any other serial killer. 

Between the 31st August 1888 and the 9th November 1888, the victims known as the ‘Canonical Five’ suffered the most brutal deaths. Most of their bodies were mutilated. Some had body parts removed. 

How could the killer operate with such brutality without screams being heard? How could Jack the Ripper vanish into thin air?
In our walk we will never lose sight of the victims. They were daughters, wives and mothers. Their lives for different reasons had taken tragic turns. Some had turned to drink and others to prostitution to survive the cruel life of Victorian London.

In our walk we will visit the murder locations of the ‘Canonical Five’ victims. We will hear about the lives they lived in one of the most destitute parts of London. We will look at several theories as to who the murderer was. Was there a Royal connection? Has DNA from the only exhibit recovered from the crime scenes finally solved the mystery? Or was the murderer a lawyer, a surgeon or a butcher?

My ‘Jack the Ripper’ walking tour is different in that being a retired New Scotland Yard Murder Squad detective, I will add my own perspective to the investigation. How would a murder investigation today be carried out in the face of a similar series of horrific crimes? Would ‘Jack the Ripper’ in 21st century evade justice today?