When Jimmy met Jeff

Today marks the 78th birthday of Jimmy Page. Often regarded as one of the greatest guitarists in the world. Jimmy Page, whilst born in Heston, moved with his family to 34 Miles Road Epsom as a child. His parents wanted to move away from the Heathrow flight path.

Moving into Miles Road a Spanish guitar abandoned by the previous owners was found. Initially a young Jimmy Page had no interest. But then he heard a couple of songs on the radio, especially Elvis's 'Baby Let's Play House' Jimmy picked up the guitar and wanted to learn

A fellow pupil at Ewell County Secondary school, Rod Wyatt, taught him a few chords and so began the journey of a rock legend.

Living a few miles away was another aspiring musician.

In his late teens Jimmy Page enrolled at Sutton Art College. A fellow student was Annetta Beck.

Annetta had a younger brother called Jeff. They lived in Demesne Road Wallington, Surrey.

Jeff was a former pupil of Elmwood High School (Now a housing estate)

Annette came home from college one day raving to her brother about this guy in her class who does the same as him. Annette told Jeff where Jimmy lived and arranged for him to visit.

Jeff Beck was intrigued that someone else was playing 'these strange looking electric guitars' He went to Jimmy's house and they began to play guitar together, sing Buddy Holly songs and listen to records. This was how Jimmy met Jeff. For many other London Rock and Roll stories join me on my Great Rock and Roll Tour.

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